Member Services

Members enjoy a variety of valuable specialized services. Please make an appointment to discuss these services in details in person.

Primary Care Geriatrics: Dr. Hussain provides comprehensive ongoing medical care to her members with an emphasis on all aspects of health; physical, mental, social, and spiritual. She assesses her patients' functional status in the context of their age and makes recommendations for physical therapy and other rehabilitative services that help maintain her members active and independent. She assesses mental capacity as well as looks for any warning signs of depression or anxiety. She investigates in detail her member's social standing and their support structure. She takes into account the complexity of health issues some members may suffer from. Dr. Hussain routinely reviews medications and current health concerns with her members and makes personalized recommendations based on their health and the underlying medical problems. Members of the practice enjoy the ability to see or talk to Dr. Hussain directly by phone or email, as well as see her for the same day/next day appointments for any urgent matter. Members can enjoy a one-hour appointment or longer if indicated.

Convenience of Location: Members of the practice will be seen where it is convenient for them. Normally, we see members in the medical office, but members who are limited in mobility can be seen at home, rehab facility, residential care facility, or memory support unit as long as they are within 10 miles radius from Stanford Hospital. If you are interested in being a member but you live farther than the 10 miles limit, please give us a call to see if we can work it out.

Goals of Care Discussion: Dr. Hussain has extensive experience in geriatrics and palliative care. She utilizes that experience to discuss with members and their loved ones their wishes and desires for aging with dignity and end of life care. Dr. Hussain can meet with members alone or alongside their loved ones.

Preventive Health Measures:  Dr. Hussain's philosophy is to be proactive rather than reactive. Therefore, she focuses on health preservation and disease prevention. Part of good medicine is providing comprehensive preventive measures that lend her members a healthy productive life. Dr. Hussain focuses on activities, exercise, and a healthy diet as tools to maintain health and improve outcomes. She is very keen on therapeutic exercises as well as eating well-balanced meals. Modern medicine allows us to utilize technology to detect early diseases and prevent others. Dr. Hussain is a firm believer in preventive medicine which may include vaccinations and other screening tools that are currently available and fit within the standard of care.

Cognitive Vitality: t is understood that cognitive vitality is an integral part of enjoying life. Dr. Hussain and her team understand that and will work with members of her practice to maintain cognitive vitality through proper diet and exercise and the frequent review of medication lists to eliminate the ones that contribute to confusion and cognitive decline whenever is appropriate.

Chronic Disease Management: Dr. Hussain and her team work with members of her practice who suffer from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other medical problems with the goal of preventing disease progression and possibly reversing the underlying disorder with proper care planning.

Caregiver Support: Dr. Hussain and her team understand that one of the most difficult jobs is to provide care to functionally or cognitively impaired elderly persons. The team will provide caregiver education and counseling with an emphasis on caregiver health and wellbeing. They understand that a healthy and informed caregiver can provide much better support for their patients.

Geriatric Inpatient Care/Consult: Dr. Hussain's expertise is not limited to the outpatient setting. She's actively involved in caring for her members in the hospital alongside the hospital team. Time permitting, she also provides consultation at Stanford for others who are needing geriatric care and expertise. She works closely with Aging Adult Service at Stanford and together with the clinical team make sure that patients are carefully attended to and no unduly interventions are done.

We believe that the road to your health starts with securing the right care team, the right resources, and staying informed.

Our members have access to an experienced, knowledgable, caring, and dedicated team of health professionals.

Through our website, we provide resources and education to members and non members alike