Care Team

Our team is a group that consists of a highly qualified physician and other healthcare practitioners who specialize in the field of geriatrics. Our care team believes that the efficacy of the medications is far greater when it is mixed with a healthy dose of human touch and delivered with a smile. Our staff members focus on the care of the individual along with his or her support system. The goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe and connected

We utilize state of the art tools to bring you to your doctor and bring your doctor to you. Our staff helps you smoothly navigate the healthcare system

We work very closely with Stanford's Aging Adult Services and Stanford Hospital to deliver to our members sealess integrated services.

Dr. Yusra N. Hussain 

Experience: Dr. Hussain has 18 years of experience in General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. She worked as a faculty at Stanford Medical School from 2004-2014. She also served as the Director for Senior Care Center at Stanford School of Medicine, the Director for Aging Adults Services at Stanford Hospital and the interm Director of Stanford Executive Health program. Dr. Hussain is currently an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford School of Medicine........ Read more

Carizha S. Darcen LVN

Experience: Ms. Darcen has 10 years of experience as a nurse working in more than one setting simultaneously. She has worked at the Vi Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in Palo Alto and a Home Health Agency for the past few years. Since she joined Senior Wellness Center back in March 2014, she has maintained her job at the Vi SNF while continuing to provide excellent service to the patients at Senior Wellness Center....... Read more

Haidar Ahmad

Experience: Mr. Ahmad has 28 years of experience in office management working in a variety of settings from big corporations to small office, government entities to non-profit and private enterprises. He is one of the founding partners of Senior Wellness Center and a big proponent of Telemedicine. He is currently serving as the office manager, members relations manager and information technology engineer...... Read more

We believe that the road to your health starts with securing the right care team, the right resources, and staying informed.

Our members have access to an experienced, knowledgable, caring, and dedicated team of health professionals.

Through our website, we provide resources and education to members and non members alike