Our mantra is “Old age does not equate illness”. We look at our members, not through the prism of disease, but rather from wellness viewpoint. We believe that wellness should be the norm and illness is the aberration!.

We personalize our care approach to each one of our members as we understand that aging brings physiological changes that are unique to each person.


Our approach is holistic. We create a partnership with our members and approach wellness from all aspects of life (personal, cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual).

Why Us? 

We are raising the standards

Benefits of Senior Wellness Center membership:

  • 24/7 direct access to Dr. Hussain or her covering physician
  • Same day/next day appointments
  • Care coordination
  • Family conference
  • Home visits for members who can't leave home
  • Many other services (call us for details)
  • Wall Street Journal: Health

We believe that the road to your health starts with securing the right care team, the right resources, and staying informed.

Our members have access to an experienced, knowledgable, caring, and dedicated team of health professionals.

Through our website, we provide resources and education to members and non members alike